Regional Distributor Competes with Larger Distributors

Chemicals and related products
Small regional distributor
<$10m annual sales
Markets Served
Chemicals, CASE, Constructions, Personal Care, Agriculture
North America
Agilis solution
Branded digital commerce portal with digital marketing tools, dashboards, and advanced data analytics


The customer is an early-stage small regional DISTRIBUTOR, engaging with several of the largest producer's in the United States

The Challenge

The DISTRIBUTOR needed to establish a solid online presence to help compete with more prominent distributors.  

Information on the DISTRIBUTOR’S website was scattered across multiple pages – hidden in product brochures, data sheets, and other documents leading to an inconsistent and drawn-out customer experience. This created an appearance of a small start-up company that can’t handle online transactions.  

The DISTRIBUTOR also wanted to make sure they had workflows and processes in place for when they do increase the customer base so that they can scale quickly and efficiently.

The Opportunity

The DISTRIBUTOR chose to engage with Agilis to build a branded digital commerce platform for their entire product portfolio.

The Solution

The DISTRIBUTOR took full advantage of the integrated digital marketing tools to help grow the customer base and establish brand recognition. The Agilis dashboards helped establish a workflow to simplify the sales process and make it easier for customers to order products online. With the help of Agilis’ analytics, the DISTRIBUTOR can identify what markets and products are performing best and where to put extra effort on.

The Results

Since the launch of the Agilis platform, the DISTRIBUTOR has achieved the following milestones: 

  • Implemented platform in only 3 weeks
  • An increase in monthly sales growth opportunities 
  • Used machine learning and AI to identify hundreds of new customers
  • 1,000+ new prospects engaged via digital marketing campaigns. 

For more information, please contact our sales team at:

"By engaging with Agilis, and launching our SEO-friendly digital catalog in less than a month, we were able to significantly increase our organic traffic and generate over 1,000 new prospects. Our product managers are thrilled to have a Product Information Management system that is built for our products."

CEO, Regional Distributor