Agilis Helps CJ Chemicals Transform Scattered Product Data Into A Powerful Customer Experience

Industrial chemicals and commodity specialty mix Distributor
CJ Chemicals
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Commodity, Specialty, Custom Formulas, and Oils
North America
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CJ Chemicals is a leading chemical distributor that offers a large portfolio of 250+ industrial chemicals, including solvents, oils, phosphates, surfactants, nitrates, organics, and inorganics. 

The Challenge

Before partnering with Agilis, CJ Chemicals had a company website with only product names and safety data sheets. Their content management system (CMS) was difficult and non-intuitive to use which made updating and changing the portfolio a tedious and complicated activity. Also, their website lacked the ability to collect lead information from potential customers interested in their portfolio.

The Opportunity

CJ Chemicals tasked Agilis with:

1. Developing a consolidated digital product portal that showcased all the products in their portfolio including vital product information and classifications with the Agilis Product Information Management solution

2. Creating a leads management process in one central location with the Agilis Leads Management solution

3. Linking this digital product portal to their company website and allowing customers to seamlessly engage with CJ Chemical from exploring the portfolio to registering, requesting quotes and samples

4. Creating a streamlined and more highly visible portal that allows CJ Chemicals to better manage their incoming leads and increase the volume of leads.

The Solution

With the 4 goals in mind, Agilis Commerce helped CJ Chemicals take more than 260 products and their updated, editable, and scalable product documentation online to a CJ Chemicals owned and branded product portal. The portal setup allows customers to easily find, search, and buy products while, on the backend, allowing CJ Chemicals to efficiently manage their leads.

The Results

In the first three months of the successful new product catalog update and branded portal launch, CJ Chemicals saw a strong influx of leads. More than 120 prospective customers used the various options on the portal to reach out to the CJ Chemicals team.

Check out the CJ Chemicals branded portal.

“As a customer-centric company, we always seek new and innovative ways to improve our customers’ experience and, thus, increase retention. The new digital portal streamlines the product discovery process and enables us to engage with our customers in real-time, offering them a personalized experience that sets us apart from our competitors. The support from the Agilis team was outstanding, and we are delighted with the results of our collaboration, for example, just two weeks after the launch we already received 20+ high-value leads.”

Catherine Lee
President of CJ Chemicals