Leading Distributor Significantly Reduces Costs and Complexities

Specialty chemicals and related products
Leading North American Distributor
$400 million+ annual sales
Markets Served
Personal Care, Food & Nutrition, Advanced Materials, Life Sciences
North America
Agilis solution
Branded Portal with a complete SEO-friendly online catalog that is easily accessible and searchable with an admin module to manage the online catalog and leads.


Our customer is a leading specialty chemicals and ingredients DISTRIBUTOR in North America. Its focus areas include personal care, food & nutrition, advanced materials, and life sciences.

The Challenge

The leading North American specialty chemical & ingredient DISTRIBUTOR was formed through numerous acquisitions. This resulted in having multiple products with multiple product catalogs and no uniform way to search through them.

Another challenge was managing all the inbound leads and customer inquiries across the different brands that were acquired.

They also were interested in preserving the identity of the acquired companies so they could retain brand identity.

The Opportunity

The DISTRIBUTOR engaged with Agilis to build a branded eCommerce platform describing the DISTRIBUTOR’S capabilities, market verticals they support and introduced the individual acquisitions to retain brand recognition. 

The Solution

Agilis created a branded online catalog with all the products in one place and is now easily accessible and searchable by the sales team and the customers. Agilis also set up an admin module to help manage the online catalog and inbound leads with tailored workflows.

The Results

Since the portal's launch, the DISTRIBUTOR has achieved the following milestones: 

  • Implemented in only 6 weeks
  • Consolidated over 7,000 products from 5 distinct catalogs into a single digital catalog, with all products cataegorized over 5 criteria for easy search and filter
  • Enabled the sales team to access the entire product portfolio in one place, allowing them to sell more products and be more efficient 
  • Significantly reduced cost and complexity
  • Workflows and analytics allowed for more visibility into the sales process and a better way to manage leads.

For more information, please contact our sales team at: sales@agilischemicals.com