Digital Product Catalogs

Product data is the key to customer experience

Create a seamless product discovery experience for your customers to drive growth through sales & customer retention

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Empower your customers to find the right products instantly

With decades of industry expertise, Agilis kick-starts your digital transformation in weeks using three simple steps

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1. Aggregate and organize

Consolidate scattered product data into one location with your own branded product information management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management Solution

2. Digitize and enrich

Turn PDFs and spreadsheets into complete, accurate, structured data using industry-specific data models and taxonomies with Agilis Master Product Database

3. Launch digital catalog on your website

Instantly add the most user-friendly, SEO-enabled product catalog with detailed product profiles, configurable search filters, and intent-based lead capture tools


"Agilis brought technological expertise and industry knowledge, enabling us to start strong on our digital journey, improve business processes, enhance efficiency, and significantly elevate the customer experience. Their solutions are nuanced and a great fit for chemicals/plastics suppliers."

Drive revenue through your website

Find and engage new customers and increase loyalty of current customers with easy access to accurate, comprehensive, up-to-date portfolio

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Get discovered online

Improve the discoverability of your products to acquire new customers

Faster customer acquisition

Get customers to the right products faster with product finder and selection tools

Easy customer engagement

Help customers engage with your team, anytime, anywhere

Increase customer and internal education

24/7 access to product data for your teams and customers


Why should my chemical business add a digital product catalog?

Today, most B2B buyers prefer to research supplier's portfolio on their own. When customers are making decision in absence of your sales person, it is important to provide them with accurate, comprehensive, updated information on your portfolio. Online digital catalogs powered by modern PIM (Product Information Management) helps improve customer experience and drive faster sales conversion.

What makes the Agilis Digital Product Catalog solution different from the generic and marketplace providers?

Unlike generic PIM solutions, Agilis' PIM and Digital Product Catalog are tailored for the chemical industry,  with industry-specific features and functions that make it easy for customers to search, compare, and request quotes or samples.

Unlike marketplace providers, Agilis’ approach and solutions help you enhance your competitive advantage. Agilis also offers you complete control over who accesses your customer engagement data.

How does the Agilis basic PIM system help manage data in my digital catalog?

Agilis' Product Information Management (PIM) system centralizes product profiles and organizes them into a searchable, SEO-optimized taxonomy. This ensures that customers can easily find the information they need, saving time and increasing efficiency. The PIM system also helps to keep product data accurate, up-to-date, and consistent across all channels.

Who owns the product data and customer data with the Agilis digital product catalog solutions?

With Agilis' digital product catalog solutions, you retain full ownership of your product data and customer data. We understand the importance of protecting your valuable business information and ensuring that it remains confidential. Your data is securely stored on our platform, but you have complete control over who can access it and how it's used.

How does a digital catalog help my sales team?

A digital catalog helps your sales team by providing them with a centralized platform to manage and track customer interactions. With Agilis' Digital Product Catalog, your sales team can easily access customer quotes and sample requests, monitor customer activity, and follow up on potential leads. It also helps new hires get up to speed quickly by providing them with a comprehensive and organized view of your product offerings.