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Transform chemical digital commerce.

Today’s customers demand speed, ease of use, transparency, and ready access to information. At the same time, suppliers want scalability, security, and flexibility, through ready-to-deploy solutions that help drive growth and profitability while meeting rapidly changing customer needs. Agilis serves the needs of chemical buyers, distributors, and suppliers by providing a modern, cloud-based digital commerce platform that meets the demands of the modern chemical industry supply chain.
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Collaboration: Leverage collective genius

Customer focus

We build products and services that customers want to use for the long term.


We walk the talk to deliver on our promises for our customers, even if it's difficult.


We value results, teamwork, and continuous improvement so our customers succeed.

Attention to detail

We develop and implement robust processes to ensure effective execution.

Work hard, work smart

We accomplish more with less. We believe it's better to do one thing really, really well.


We move fast and don’t take shortcuts. We stay flexible and agile in everything that we do.

OUR Mission

The Agilis mission is to provide digital commerce solutions that are built to address the complexity of the chemical industry.

Different from marketplaces and generic providers, our digital tools adapt to your needs while giving you full ownership of your product and customer data.

Our goal is to give chemical producers and distributors the tools needed to grow by providing their customers an easier, modern, way to discover, compare, and buy.

With Agilis, you can launch and scale your digital sales and marketing channels with minimum cost and effort, offer customers a unique brand experience, and enhance your product differentiation and visibility.


What differentiates us from our competition is how we craft technology to solve customers’ problems

Cost Effective

Adds value to all users. Pay-as-you-go with low risk, high ROI SaaS model


Eliminates duplication of work, integrates seamlessly with other systems

Our CUlture

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Competitive compensation with plenty of opportunities for growth
Bonus and equity options linked to performance
Standard health care and other benefits
Working with our awesome team(top notch engineers and industry veterans)
Fast-paced, no nonsense work environment devoid of any bureaucracy
Flexible working hours and location

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