Leading Global Producer Expands Into New Geography

Chemicals and related products
Global chemical producer
$30 - $50M annual sales
Markets Served
Pharmaceutical, Food & Nutraceutical, Cosmetic, Chemical
Global, Expanding into North America
Agilis solution
Branded portal specific to North America integrated with digital marketing tools, dashboards, and advanced analytics


Our customer is one of the largest manufacturers in the chemicals and pharmaceutical industry, delivering newer differentiated products which addresses the unmet needs of the global market

The Challenge

The PRODUCER’S primary business focus is in India and across Asia, and they are looking to expand into North America, with no current presence established. 

They want to create brand awareness and recognition in North America and rapidly increase customer acquisitions. They believe the best way to find new customers quickly is through digital channels and chose Agilis as a partner. 

The PRODUCER also wants more visibility into what segments of the latest market are performing the best so they can devote more resources there. 

The Opportunity

The PRODUCER engaged with Agilis to build a full-service branded eCommerce platform, complete with an SEO-friendly product catalog, transaction portal, and an analytics engine.

The Solution

Agilis launched the PRODUCER'S eCommerce platform, branded specifically for North America, in less than eight weeks. They also chose to add premium marketing services to generate leads for faster customer acquisitions. The use of Agilis analytics allowed them to identify states that have the best growth for optimal expansion opportunities.

The Results

Since the portal launch, the PRODUCER has achieved the following milestones: 

  • Implemented in only 6 weeks
  • Identified new customers using Agilis AI-driven leads engine and dynamic SEO capabilities
  • Used Agilis analytics to identify new growth opportunities
  • 1,000+ new prospects were engaged via digital marketing campaigns. 

In the future, the PRODUCER plans to expand their use of the Agilis portal to other product lines and applications.

For more information, please contact our sales team at: sales@agilischemicals.com

"The speed to market with the Agilis platform exceeded our expectations. Our expansion into North America was expedited by the launching of our regionally focused digital commerce solution and our growing sales organization has been incredibly happy with the platform."

VP of North America, Global Producer