Unlock the Power of Your Product Data With a Product Information Management (PIM) System

Unlock the Power of Your Product Data With a Product Information Management (PIM) System

Derek Morgen

Digital Marketing Expert

As a chemical producer, you probably have hundreds, even thousands of products. And each product needs to have its description, features, applications, and specifications accurately listed across many channels – webpages, brochures, catalogs, commerce portals, etc. For most chemical suppliers, this valuable data is locked in pdf documents, which means your products will not be found on the internet as easily via keyword searches of potential buyers.

Enter a Product Information Management system, or PIM – a central repository designed to add structure to how you organize, store, update, distribute, and maintain all this product data. A PIM system is not new – they have been evolving across industries – and have become an essential tool, adding much-needed efficiency to any business, especially when you want to boost your presence online. Your digital journey starts with a robust and dynamic PIM that enables you to not only digitize critical product data easily but also enables you to make changes or share it whenever you want to. 

Let’s look at five key advantages of adding a tailor-made PIM for the chemical business.

1.  Improve customer service

A product information management system functions as a central repository for digital asset management. Sales and marketing teams can access all relevant product descriptions, documentation, images, support articles, how-to videos – any type of information a customer might need. And with all relevant product information easily within reach, your company’s sales, support, and customer relationship teams can do their job more competently, answer customer questions faster, and provide more complete solutions.

2.  Grow sales

With all product data and information organized and searchable by application, formulation, and other specs, your sales reps can now find the right products for their customers. You can also add a customer-facing front end to your PIM system, allowing your customers to search for products that precisely meet their needs. Through a PIM solution, your customers can access a self-serve search option (e.g., for industries, applications, or value propositions). At the same time, you can reach more prospects and gather valuable insights on search patterns, website traffic, and more. Use this information to tailor future marketing and promotional campaigns, predict demand fluctuations, and more.

3.  Increase operational efficiency

As a single source of truth, product information management systems can automate repetitive data entry tasks, keep track of product inventory levels, and quickly generate useful reports. As a result, PIM systems can act as help take some of the grunt work out of managing the product data for a company with a complex chemical portfolio.

4.  Improve compliance

Avoid fines and penalties and demonstrate compliance with industry and government regulations by maintaining accurate product data at all times. A product information management system automatically shares product documentation updates with your customers and sales channel partners.

5.  Support sustainability initiatives

A PIM system can make it easy to track the environmental impact of your products and even help assess the carbon footprint along the entire value chain.

Product Information Management systems can be an excellent investment for chemical companies and the first step toward digitizing their many manual processes. PIM systems enable the organization to manage, cleanse, and enhance its product data to meet the needs of multiple audiences across all sales and customer engagement channels. 

At Agilis, we provide a comprehensive Product Information Management system that is specifically designed and built for the chemical industry. Our customers are pleasantly surprised when they see how detailed our customizable PIM system is, and yet it is so easy to use! By integrating our enterprise-grade PIM system with our eCommerce storefront capabilities, chemical suppliers can launch branded, search engine optimized digital catalogs, where products can be searched and sorted according to the customers’ needs. 

Contact us to learn more about our Product Information Management system and the Agilis digital commerce solutions for launching your online marketing and sales channels: https://www.agilischemicals.com/request-a-demo.

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