SEO For Chemicals: Are you Hiding Your Products from Your Customers?

SEO For Chemicals: Are you Hiding Your Products from Your Customers?

Derek Morgen

Digital Marketing Expert

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way to help prospective customers find your products online. Preferably in an organic, unpaid way (there’s nothing wrong with sponsored content and ads, but that’s a topic for another blog).


Most people think a search engine is a relatively simple proposition: you create great content, customers type their query into Google, and instantly get links to your website. In reality, though, search engines use complex algorithms to decide which results to display and what types of content to prioritize. Some of these factors include brand recognition, social media metrics, domain-level data, link quality, and amplification potential. Search engines also look at keywords, clarity, and user experience – the ability to load pages and navigate through content quickly.


In other words, to drive traffic, and most importantly, quality traffic, to your website, you need more than just great content. Unless it’s optimized for search engines, it won’t be properly indexed and displayed to searchers – at least not in the top tier, which is the only place most of us will ever look.


Few companies have the knowledge and bandwidth to set up SEO practices on their own, so they turn to SEO experts who promise to optimize their content. But this is where it might get tricky for chemical producers and distributors – when you are working with complex technical products, hiring marketing professionals to decide which keywords to highlight and what links to include could prove counterproductive. Worse yet, some marketing firms use black hat SEO techniques to increase your website’s ranking in a short time. However, this may lead to permanent damage to your website’s ranking and your firm’s reputation.


Agilis helps chemical producers and distributors launch their branded eCommerce portals, and one of our key goals is to take your products from “invisible” to “SEO optimized.” Our SEO optimization practices are built on our team’s deep industry and product knowledge, and we use advanced algorithms to get it just right.


We know that buyers search for solutions to their problems, not for products. Watch this video to see how Agilis helped a coating producer expand their reach and connect with new users for their product. Adding terms like “FDA approved” and “barrier coating” allowed customers in the U.S. to find a manufacturer in Korea who had the right type of coating for their paper products.


And of course, once a customer has found you on the Agilis platform, they could request information and quotes, receive technical specs, place orders, process payments, track delivery, and plan and manage future orders.


Want to learn more about how Agilis can help you find more customers through SEO? Contact us at

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