Agilis: A Commerce Platform that solves producers’ dilemma

Agilis: A Commerce Platform that solves producers’ dilemma

Derek Morgen

Digital Marketing Expert

Traditional view of eCommerce is – brands (producers) connect directly with end-users, cutting out the middlemen, i.e. dealers, distributors, retailers. While this approach has worked well for some B2C industries, this monolithic approach to commerce proved impractical for most business-to-business relationships, especially in the world of specialty chemicals.


Chemical producers engage with distributors for a number of very specific reasons. Distributors play a vital role in connecting manufacturers with small and medium-size businesses. They help expand manufacturers’ market presence, identify new customers, nurture relationship, hold inventory closer to customers, provide just-in-time delivery, and a number of other value-added services and support functions.


Chemical producers value the role of distributors and therefore, less inclined to introduce a digital sales channel that would compete with their existing channel partners.


And since most traditional commerce portals could not accommodate a model where producers and distributors could co-exist on the same platform, with parties being able to choose how they want to engage with each specific customer, Agilis saw an opportunity to build something unique: a full-featured commerce platform where producers can configure their workflow to meet their distinctive needs and accommodate existing relationships.


With Agilis, producers can elect to engage directly with a customer, or work via a regional distributor. These settings can be configured on several, highly granular levels, such as by product SKU or destination; or manufacturers can choose a hybrid model, where they market their products directly to the end-user, but arrange for the orders to be fulfilled by a distributor.


This type of solution brings all the benefits of a digital commerce portal, while supporting and augmenting existing value chains of the industry. What’s more, the Agilis approach allows producers to offer omnichannel experience to their customers – who now have a choice to buy direct or via distributor through the same online interface.


Distributors also benefit from being members of the Agilis platform – we help them grow their business by connecting with global producers and finding new customers.


For customers, Agilis means free and ready access to product portfolios from multiple global producers and local distributors, as well as the convenience of digital buying, including online order tracking, 2-click reordering, tracking order history and documents through customizable dashboards etc.


Agilis is quickly becoming a commerce platform of choice for many manufacturers, buyers, and distributors in the chemical industry. With Agilis’ customized workflows, producers no longer have to choose between direct and distribution sales channels. Unlike the one-size-fits-all platforms that only connect producers to consumers, Agilis incorporates distribution networks into the same, highly configurable and customizable workflows. With all sales channels working in harmony, producers can focus on growing their business, while customers enjoy easy access to a variety of products and a simplified, omni-channel buying experience. With Agilis, chemical distributors can get access to new customers and build new partnerships with global producers.

This is how Agilis creates value to all stakeholders in this highly specialized, complex, regulated, and constantly evolving market.


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