5 Reasons Why Your Chemical Business Needs a Product Information Management (PIM) System

5 Reasons Why Your Chemical Business Needs a Product Information Management (PIM) System

Derek Morgen

Digital Marketing Expert

Your chemical business relies on a complex network of suppliers, customers, and partners to get products to market. In today's digital world, managing product information and data across this extended ecosystem can be a challenge. A Product Information Management system can make it easier for you. 

A PIM system helps centralize and manage all your product data, so you can easily share accurate information within your company and with your customers and supply chain partners. 

Here are five reasons why your chemical business needs a PIM system:

Manage all product data in one central location

Instead of having scattered product information across various departments, a central location to manage all product data can improve the efficiency and accuracy of collecting and tracking it. This includes valuable product data such as specifications, key properties, applications, and much more - ensuring everyone can access their information in one place.

This eliminates the scattered approach of spreadsheets, PDFs, and offline product catalogs and puts them into a modern digital system like IonicPim.

Having an easily accessible central location helps your business stay on top of its product data while maintaining a streamlined workflow that meets your customers' needs.

Save time and money by reducing manual data collection

Chemical businesses today face challenges with dedicating time and money to data collection. Reducing manual data collection can solve this problem.

Automating specific processes helps make life easier, freeing up resources for other tasks and eliminating human error when collecting data. More efficient storage of information allows for better access through integrated platforms, so manual retrieval is no longer necessary.

Streamlining these processes saves businesses money and time spent waiting on staff and customers alike—improving productivity, lowering costs, and boosting overall revenues.

Provide accurate and up-to-date product information to improve customer service

Providing accurate and up-to-date product information delivers exceptional customer service. If customers can find out all the details about what they're looking for upfront, it gives them the confidence to purchase without hesitation.

Plus, customers don’t like mundane surprises – so taking the time to spell out all the specs of your materials ensures you keep that level of trust with your customers. As a result, investing in a detail-oriented product knowledge database can pay off big in both customer service ratings and profitability.

Better manage your inventory levels

Managing inventory levels is critical for chemical businesses of any size. Many companies turn to Product Information Management (PIM) technology to gain better visibility into their stock levels and facilitate quicker, more accurate data management.

By having the most recent information about orders, delivery times, and product availability in one place, companies have the upper hand on their inventory and make sure they are never without the supplies they need.

PIM systems also reduce errors that could cause financial losses, save valuable time when searching for a product's updated specs or details, and even allow businesses to track customer order histories across channels - all while staying current on current demand.

Create marketing materials such as catalogs and price lists to convert customers

A digital product catalog is an excellent way to reach customers, showcase your portfolio, and provide up-to-date information about your offer. Crafting marketing materials can feel overwhelming initially, but taking the time and effort to create appealing digital product catalogs and comprehensive price lists will help raise awareness of your business and incentivize customers to take action.

Investing in a PIM system is the first step to reaching your goals for digital transformation and online presence. It will increase operational efficiency and help you expedite your path to becoming a digital leader. 

Ready to optimize your chemical business and streamline sales and marketing material by digitizing your product data? Let Agilis help! We'll do all the work. Just provide us with your portfolio, spreadsheets, and PDFs, and within weeks, you'll have a unified PIM solution tailored to your business.

At Agilis, we do all the work. Provide us with your portfolio, spreadsheets, and PDFs. Within weeks, you'll have a unified PIM solution tailored to your business and added to your existing website for customers and sales & marketing teams to access.

Contact us today to learn more at https://www.agiliscommerce.com/request-a-demo.

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