Valtris Specialty Chemicals Adds Digital Commerce Capabilities to Increase Visibility and Accessibility of Plasticizer Portfolio

Valtris Specialty Chemicals Adds Digital Commerce Capabilities to Increase Visibility and Accessibility of Plasticizer Portfolio

Derek Morgen

Digital Marketing Expert

Valtris, a global leader in specialty chemical additives and precursors, announces the launch of a digital commerce portal to make their plasticizers portfolio more visible and accessible to the market. Valtris chose Agilis, a provider of innovative digital commerce solutions for the chemical industry, to build and run their cloud-based digital commerce portal.

“Valtris has a long history of serving our customers by providing exceptional technical support and high-quality products,” says Mike Humby, Vice President Polymer Modifiers at Valtris. “Today’s buyers demand the speed and convenience of digital commerce. They want to be able to research our products, review their applications and specs, self-learn about suppliers' portfolio as much as they can, and, if needed, request more information or transactions from our sales and technical marketing teams. With Agilis, all product data is consolidated in one place – the information is easy to navigate, search and filter, and customers can request quotes or product samples, right there on the portal. And Agilis’ built-in SEO capabilities already helped generate good leads for our business.”

Agilis supported the Valtris team in implementing the digital commerce portal. "With our deep experience in the chemical industry and state-of-the-art technology tools, it took us only a few weeks to build the portal together with the Valtris team,” comments Jay Bhatia, Founder and CEO at Agilis. "Using our modern cloud-based platform, buyers have access to a fast and easy way to do their product research, request transactions, and engage with the Valtris team, enabling a fully digitized customer engagement experience from beginning to end."

With its plasticizer products fully online, Valtris is rapidly onboarding customers to the new portal and reaching out to new markets and users for their portfolio. The plasticizer portal is available at: 

About Valtris Specialty Chemicals

Valtris, headquartered in Independence, Ohio is a global leader in specialty performance additives and precursors, offering innovative solutions and products to customers around the world. With strong technical expertise and best in class formulation capabilities, Valtris develops products that provide essential performance properties to plastics, coatings, adhesives and sealants, pharmaceuticals, flavors and fragrances, and personal care products. The Company operates nine manufacturing locations and employees approximately 700 people across North America, Europe, and Asia.

About Agilis Commerce

Agilis is a technology company focused on driving digitalization of commerce processes in the chemical industry. With Agilis, global chemical producers and distributors can launch their own cloud-based digital commerce portals, fully optimized and equipped with modern marketing tools and analytics. Agilis offers chemical suppliers an easy and cost-effective way to attract and engage customers via secure digital sales and marketing channels. Headquartered in Newark, NJ, Agilis combines industry experience and technology expertise in building advanced, scalable technology solutions. For more information, please visit  

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