TransChemical Partners with Agilis to Launch a Digital Commerce Portal as Part of Business Transformation Process

TransChemical Partners with Agilis to Launch a Digital Commerce Portal as Part of Business Transformation Process

Derek Morgen

Digital Marketing Expert

TransChemical, a market leader in ethanol, spirits and ingredients distribution, has recently introduced a digital commerce portal for its portfolio in North America. The new online solution is designed to streamline the product discovery and ordering process for TransChemical’s customers. “We understand the changing market dynamics and customer needs and want to make it easier for our customers to do business with us,” says Marilyn Stovall, President of TransChemical. ”On the new portal, our customers can explore our portfolio, find the right products, contact experts, request samples and quotes – all from one convenient and secure platform.”

TransChemical has partnered with Agilis, a premier provider of digital commerce and marketing solutions for the chemical industry, to design and build the portal. “Agilis helps distributors like TransChemical to digitize their customers’ buying experience from beginning to end,” says Jay Bhatia, Founder and CEO of Agilis. ”Digital commerce allows buyers to engage with their trusted distributors using the speed and convenience of modern cloud-based technology. Our solutions are ready to deploy and can be tailored to support distributors’ unique needs and workflows.”

TransChemical supplies ingredients for a variety of industries, including industrial, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and more. The new portal is part of an overarching business transformation process to help the company grow in the demanding food and beverage industry. Another part of which is also a new 25,000 sqft warehouse dedicated to the food and beverage industry which is fully operational as of July 2022 as well as a new brand catering to these markets to be launched as Avantis ( Avantis and TransChemical’s new warehouse will be going through the GSFI certification process this winter, and will allow TransChemical to approach their target industries separately.

The new digital portal for the ethanol and spirits portfolio is available at 

About TransChemical:

Since the beginning in 1974, TransChemical has set out to meet customers’ needs with the highest quality chemicals, ingredients, and service. TransChemical supports their customers’ business growth not only with supplying raw materials but also value-added services such as packaging and blending. TransChemical continues to evolve through a sustained focus on core strengths and being open to diversity, opportunity, change, and sustainability. For more information, visit

About Agilis Commerce:

Agilis is a technology company focused on driving digitalization of commerce processes in the chemical industry. With Agilis, global chemical producers and distributors can launch their own cloud-based digital commerce channels, fully optimized and equipped with modern marketing tools and analytics. Agilis offers chemical suppliers an easy and cost-effective way to attract and engage customers via secure digital sales and marketing channels. Headquartered in Newark, NJ, Agilis combines industry experience and technology expertise in building advanced, scalable technology solutions. For more information, please visit

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