Taking the Leap into Ecommerce in the Time of Crisis

Taking the Leap into Ecommerce in the Time of Crisis

Derek Morgen

Digital Marketing Expert

While the economy struggles under the crippling impact of the pandemic, many businesses are continuing their daily operations – and some are even finding new ways to thrive despite the challenging circumstances. 

Even with sweeping shelter-in-place orders, manufacturers of essential products can’t halt their production lines and still need to ensure a steady supply of chemical ingredients that are precisely formulated to their specifications. But with nearly 70% of all Americans working from home and amidst widespread disruptions of established supply chains, more and more businesses who were previously reluctant to try eCommerce are beginning to turn to online channels. 

Not surprisingly, Big Tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon are seeing a huge increase in traffic and demand for their services and online collaboration platforms. But they are not the only ones who can offer innovative digital solutions for businesses struggling to cope with the new realities of quarantine orders and social distancing mandates. 

Small, nimble technology startups, like Agilis, are uniquely positioned to help companies transition into the world of digital commerce. At Agilis, we know the business of buying and selling chemicals inside and out, and have built our eCommerce platform to support all players in the chemicals value chain: producers, suppliers, and distributors. 

We provide an easy-to-setup, easy-to-use, enterprise-grade commerce engine where producers and distributors can list products under their own brand, not as line items on a generic online trading platform. Buyers can browse different suppliers’ portfolios, find products, request quotes, make payments and complete transactions – all in one intuitive and secure interface. 

There’s no site to build and maintain, no hardware to procure, no engineers to hire – we build your eCommerce platform – all you need to do is list your portfolio. And what’s more, Agilis can help with digital marketing, sales, and finding leads – using our extensive customer database.

Hopefully, this crisis will pass soon, and the world will begin to recover from the effects of the pandemic and economic disruption. But these trying times could be our chance to explore things that we’ve been hesitant about trying until now. The chemical industry has been on a verge of digital transformation for years, never quite taking the leap. Maybe this is one bit of silver lining in the current situation – finding innovative solutions that could help businesses continue to thrive today and emerge tomorrow better equipped for future growth. 

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