Rierden Chemical Partners with Agilis to Launch Digital Commerce Portal

Rierden Chemical Partners with Agilis to Launch Digital Commerce Portal

Derek Morgen

Digital Marketing Expert

Rierden Chemical Technologies (RCT) has partnered with Agilis, a provider of digital commerce and marketing solutions tailor-made for the chemical industry, to launch a customer e-commerce portal. Agilis has aided Rierden in building a comprehensive online product portfolio to serve customers better and cater to its growing customer base. 

“We are excited to launch our new platform and partnership with Agilis. The value RCT brings to the oleochemical distribution and import market is personal, people-to-people communication. These personal relationships will always be a critical element of our value proposition.

That said, we recognize and understand the importance of preparing our business for the increased digitization in the chemical industry. Our goal here is twofold: To maintain the personal touch that has been key to the growth of our business, as well as ensure a robust RCT digital platform as the industry continues to evolve.” said commercial director, Jonathan Rierden.

To view the new e-commerce portal and learn more about the products Rierden distributes, visit: https://portal.rierdenchemical.com/store/rierden-chemical 

About Rierden Chemical 

Rierden Chemical is a leader in the US commodity chemical market – with a focus on oleochemicals. As one of the larger sellers of glycerine in North America, we are active in all grades & feedstocks– crude and refined, domestic & import. Also, within our oleochemical portfolio – we offer a full range of vegetable-based fatty acids. Our product portfolio is a mix of domestic & imported products, with substantial inventory positions throughout the country to serve our customers across diverse markets. We will continue to work with Agilis to optimize our customer’s experience through our new platform. For more information about Rierden Chemical, visit https://rierdenchemical.com/ 

About Agilis Chemicals, Inc. 

Agilis offers chemical suppliers an easy and cost-effective way to attract and engage customers via secure digital sales and marketing channels. With Agilis, global chemical producers and distributors can launch their own cloud-based branded e-commerce portals and other tools. Headquartered in Newark, NJ, Agilis combines industry experience and technology expertise in building advanced, scalable technology solutions. For more information about Agilis, visit https://www.agilischemicals.com/

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