How Top Chemical Businesses Keep Customer Data Safe Online

How Top Chemical Businesses Keep Customer Data Safe Online

Derek Morgen

Digital Marketing Expert

Learn about how the top chemical businesses keep customer data safe in an exclusive webinar conversation with AT&T’s former Chief Security Officer Dr. Ed Amoroso. To learn more & register, visit

To succeed with digital commerce in the chemical industry, it’s not enough to list your products on a marketplace and hope for the best; cybersecurity risks must be taken into account. It’s extremely critical to choose a partner who understands and is prepared with a solid defense against these risks.It’s clear that the industry has enormous potential for digital commerce, but selling chemicals online is not the same as selling everyday consumer products online. There are significant security and privacy concerns around who your customers are and how you collect and store data about them. Can marketplaces alleviate or accelerate such risks? Would you rather have complete control over who accesses your online portfolio and keep your customers’ data in your control or risk it on a marketplace?

With one cyber attack every 11 seconds, chemical company leaders are right to be concerned about the privacy of their data. However, this should not deter them from bringing their business online - there’s too much business risk in not leveraging the digital opportunity.

Instead of writing off e-commerce because of the cybersecurity risks, the key is to mitigate risk and build a secure digital sales environment.

  1. Building the right IT infrastructureNew innovations in IT make it possible to build for both security and convenience.
  2. Focus on identity validationKnow exactly who you are dealing with at all times whether someone came from a digital or in-person channel.
  3. Creating easy (and secure) reorder options for validated customersWhen it’s easy to reorder, you get a source of recurring revenue powered by technology.

If you want to learn more about keeping customer information secure when selling chemicals online, we invite you to join our webinar to hear from Dr. Ed Amoroso, the former Chief Security Officer of AT&T and current CEO of TAG Cyber, a global research and advisory company that supports enterprise cybersecurity teams. 

In conversation with Agilis Chemicals, Dr. Amoroso will discuss:

  • Why you should avoid online chemical marketplaces where you are not in control of customer access (and what to do instead)
  • How to build for both security and customer convenience to drive profits
  • How to avoid a T-Mobile level data leak with the right IT infrastructure

It’s perfect for chemical industry leaders who want to try selling online but are uncertain about the collection, security, and privacy of my business and customer's data.

To learn more & register, visit

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