Five Signs Your Chemical Business Can Benefit from Digitization

Five Signs Your Chemical Business Can Benefit from Digitization

Derek Morgen

Digital Marketing Expert

The chemical business is changing. There are forces in the industry that are changing the way chemicals are marketed, bought and sold; and without a doubt, the most influential of these forces is digitization. You have probably already considered – and dismissed – many available digitization models. At Agilis, we see this situation all the time: chemical producers try building their own portals, or listing their portfolios on commercial platforms, only to find out that neither solution is ideally suited for their business model. This is why we built a unique commerce platform that’s engineered from the ground up to support the entire chemicals value chain. And we can help you solve the most pressing issues that your business is likely facing today.


1. Stagnating sales.

Your business has hit a growth plateau. It’s not surprising, given that it’s getting harder and harder to find qualified leads using conventional methods. Perhaps your repeat business is struggling too – without the feedback from customers or advanced analytics, you have no way of knowing what happens to the product after the deal is closed, how it’s being used, what other potential applications a customer may have for your offerings, or which parts of your portfolio are performing poorly and might need to be reevaluated. Agilis opens up opportunities for growth that are beyond the reach of traditional sales channels. Our specialty commerce platform connects you with potential customers and gives you access to an extensive database of qualified leads, helping you explore new markets, new users, and new uses for your portfolio. Our customers also take full advantage of cutting-edge analytics, giving them actionable insights into their products’ performance to help better tune their portfolios to their customers’ needs.    


2. Difficulty rolling out new product lines.

You see potential for expansion but can’t find credible market intelligence to support your decision – information about specific product application and market trends is scattered and unreliable. At Agilis, we believe in the power of data analytics. Our state-of-the-art analytics engine gives you consistent, reliable, actionable information on current applications and trends for specific chemicals. Be the first to know if major manufacturers are switching from one component to the other, see which chemicals are growing in popularity or finding new applications, stay on top of industry movements – knowing what’s trending can help you decide which product lines to invest in and which growth opportunities to pursue. 


3. Losing reliable suppliers.

Sometimes even the most carefully-crafted relationships fall through. Suppliers relocate, retire, get driven out of business by low-cost international competitors – you can’t predict or control what happens to your trusted partners, but you can be prepared to expand your network of suppliers when needed. Agilis connects customers and distributors with global producers, so you can always rely on dependable, thoroughly vetted suppliers to keep your business running without fail.


4. You don’t have brand recognition.

Conferences, tradeshows, customer newsletters, and word of mouth are all good ways to promote your brand, but let’s face it – these methods are limited and simply cannot compare with the reach of digital technologies. And in this highly competitive market, brand recognition is important – new customers are looking to do business with name-brand partners, and you don’t want to be overlooked. With Agilis, you can build a branded commerce portal, which uses Search Engine Optimization techniques to make sure your portfolio is easy to find on the web. We are experts in digital marketing, and we help our customers take advantage of the most effective techniques in online commerce to get results that help grow their business.


5. There simply isn’t enough time.

At the end of the day, the most common barrier to growth is lack of time/people/resources. Qualifying prospects, connecting with customers, preparing quotes, negotiating terms, waiting for approvals, inputting orders, etc. – these steps are important, but when performed manually, they are simply too time-consuming and costly to support sustainable growth. To build a digital solution in-house is often not a good option either – even the largest chemical producers don’t have the right people to accurately scope, design, build, test, deploy, and maintain a homegrown commerce platform. Agilis gives you the system you need to automate and accelerate the entire sales process from beginning to end. We are the most cost-efficient and easy-to-use alternative to both doing things the old way and building a digital solution yourself. With Agilis, you get a platform with enough power to support the volume and all the nuances of a chemical buying and selling process, and enough flexibility to adapt to your unique methods and workflows.


Don’t let these common obstacles hold you back. The world has firmly embraced digital commerce – with Agilis, you have an option of doing it on your own terms, preserving what’s important, while ensuring sustainable growth for your business.


Learn more at: Reach us at or (973) 910 2424.

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