FBC Chemical Corp Launches Customer Portal to Streamline Product Discovery & Customer Engagement

FBC Chemical Corp Launches Customer Portal to Streamline Product Discovery & Customer Engagement

Derek Morgen

Digital Marketing Expert

Mars, PA - FBC Chemical Corp, a distributor of specialty and commodity chemicals, is pleased to announce the launch of its digital customer portal. Built in collaboration with Agilis, the portal enhances the customer experience and provides a more sustainable approach to product discovery and engagement with existing and prospective customers.

"Our primary goal in developing this portal was to create a platform that simplifies the product discovery process for our customers," said Owen Hudac, Sales Manager of FBC Chemical Corporation. "We believe that this new portal, with its enhanced functionality and user-friendly design, will significantly improve our customers' experience, allowing them to find the right solutions faster and more efficiently. With an evolving customer base, to remain a leading distributor in the industry, we are committed to providing the tools and resources our customers need to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace."

"Our collaboration with FBC Chemical underscores our dedication to creating specialized solutions that drive customer engagement and business growth in the chemical industry. As a distributor, FBC Chemicals can leverage this platform to showcase its product range, connect with customers more effectively, and respond to market trends. This digital portal is more than a tool; it's a significant advancement in the way chemical companies can engage with their customers and adapt to their needs," said Sebastian, Director of Customer Engagement at Agilis.

With the new customer portal, FBC Chemical has moved their product listings and inquiry process from a static web page to a searchable product catalog, available at https://products.fbcchem.com/. This new portal will help FBC Chemical reach more customers and provide an exceptional customer experience while managing product data in one centralized system.

About FBC Chemicals

FBC Chemicals is a full-service, family-owned, and independent chemical distributor with warehousing operations in Lancaster, New York; Mars, Pennsylvania; and Medina, Ohio. They are focused on being the safest, most efficient, productive, and customer-driven chemical distributor in the industry. For more information, please visit https://www.fbcchem.com/.

About Agilis

Agilis is a technology company focused on driving the digitalization of commerce processes in the chemical industry. With Agilis, global chemical producers and distributors can launch their own cloud-based digital commerce channels fully equipped with modern marketing tools and analytics. Agilis offers chemical suppliers a cost-effective way to attract and engage customers via secure digital sales and marketing channels. Headquartered in Newark, NJ, Agilis combines industry experience and technology expertise in building advanced, scalable technology solutions. For more information, please visit https://www.agiliscommerce.com/.

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