Astro Chemicals extends partnership with Agilis Commerce

Astro Chemicals extends partnership with Agilis Commerce

Derek Morgen

Digital Marketing Expert

Astro Chemicals, a premier chemical distributor in the Northeastern U.S., has been an Agilis customer for the past three years and using its cloud-based technology platform to acquire and service new customers. Astro has now decided to start digitizing their current business by taking a specialty product line online. Astro, a third-generation family business that prides itself on superior customer service, has selected Agilis, a provider of digital commerce solutions purpose-built for the chemical industry, to give customers an easy and seamless buying experience and reach new markets for their products.

 “We have considered building or buying a digital commerce solution before, but we simply didn’t know how to go about it,” says Adam Diamond, Partner and Sales Representative with Astro Chemicals. “But after talking to the Agilis team, we decided that we could do it. The Agilis platform is very easy to use and navigate. It’s very intuitive for customers to search for products and place orders online and for our administrators to upload product information and update prices and terms.”

Astro Chemicals approached the rollout gradually, making sure that both their teams and customers were comfortable with the new online system. “The adoption went very smoothly,” continues Diamond. “More and more customers are asking to be onboarded, and it’s been a very successful and positive experience.” Diamond also credits the Agilis team with supporting his team through the implementation, helping them discover product features, and being responsive to product feedback and suggestions.

 The new portal helped Astro Chemicals consolidate product information that was scattered across multiple web pages and gave their customers a better, more streamlined buying experience. The Astro Chemicals team now conducts end-to-end product transactions on the portal and uses a full array of integrated marketing and analytics tools to help reach new audiences and improve existing workflows. Recently, the team also included their RELEASE adhesive removal agent in the portal. Astro continues adding customers to the platform and scaling it up to meet the growing demand for their products. The digital portal is available at  
About Astro Chemicals

Astro Chemicals was founded in 1970 by Leo Diamond and Bill Cunningham. Now a third-generation family business, Astro has grown into one of the leading chemical distributors in the Northeast USA. Astro stocks 1000 different molecules and can provide next–day delivery on its own fleet of trucks. Our knowledgeable team can help you meet any technical or logistical challenges. Astro provides products for water treatment, pharmaceuticals, paints, coatings, adhesives, laboratories, cleaning compounds, and many other industries.  

About Agilis Commerce

Agilis is a technology company focused on driving digitalization of commerce processes in the chemical industry. With Agilis, global chemical producers and distributors can launch their own cloud-based digital commerce portals, fully optimized and equipped with modern marketing tools and analytics. Agilis offers chemical suppliers an easy and cost-effective way to attract and engage customers via secure digital sales and marketing channels. Headquartered in Newark, NJ, Agilis combines industry experience and technology expertise in building advanced, scalable technology solutions. For more information, please visit 

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