Jay Bhatia

CEO - Agilis Chemicals Inc

Agilis Chemicals, a technology start up building innovative solutions for the chemical marketplace, today announced the launch of the beta version of its flagship product – Agilis Market Platform.

Built on a proprietary technology and customized for chemical industry, Agilis Market Platform enables producers and distributors to market their products using Agilis' secure platform and data-driven marketing capabilities.

Buyers can search products, collaborate with suppliers and perform O2i (order to invoice) transactions – all from a centralized, secure and user-friendly interface. With security and encryption features often used by banks and other financial institutions, Agilis Market Platform offers dedicated, firewall-protected access to each member.

Agilis offers several levels of membership depending on individual producer and distributor's needs. Premier members enjoy the benefit of end-to-end marketing, sales and distribution services; a dedicated Marketing and Transaction Portal whereas Basic are able to join Agilis and list products on Agilis platform under their own brand after completing a required member verification process. Membership to Agilis platform is free.

Agilis' unique combination of technology platform, product and market expertise, along with access to traditional sales and distribution resources, offer customers an unparalleled buying experience, transparency, and opportunity to reduce cost and complexity.

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