Agilis launches an upgraded version of its commerce platform for chemical industry

Agilis launches an upgraded version of its commerce platform for chemical industry

Derek Morgen

Digital Marketing Expert

Agilis Chemicals, a New Jersey-based technology startup, today announced the launch of an enterprise version of ts premier commerce platform designed specifically for the chemical industry. The company’s new offering allows chemical producers and distributors to easily build their own unique branded online portals to connect with customers and suppliers, streamline operations, and expand their market presence.

“Chemical industry value chains are complex and are based on relationships and trust. Producers value the role of distributors and want to leverage existing connections, rather than disrupt them,” says Jay Bhatia, Founder and CEO of Agilis. “The Agilis platform addresses this complexity by offering customized workflows to help producers take their products to market their own way, while using advanced technology to digitize transactions, improve customer engagement, and open up new market opportunities. Agilis creates value for all players in the chemical industry while driving growth, transparency, and efficiency.”

Bhatia founded Agilis Chemicals in October 2016 after a successful career in the chemical industry spanning nearly two decades, with global leaders such as BASF, and Shell Chemicals, where he worked in a variety of sales, marketing and business management roles. His co-founder, David Grimes, has previously held senior leadership positions with global leaders such as, Axalta, BASF, and GE Plastics.

“The Agilis platform is a commerce enabler, not a marketplace in a traditional sense,” says Grimes. “We are not an intermediary connecting buyers with suppliers – our goal is to deliver value to all industry players. Agilis customers enjoy a full range of digital capabilities backed by the latest technology and data science for a fraction of the cost of building and maintaining their own commerce sites – we take away the complexity so our customers can focus on growing their business.”

Backed by Entrepreneurs Roundtable, a leading New York technology accelerator, along with several neutral financial investors, Agilis aims to modernize customer-facing business processes in the chemical industry by offering a cloud-based commerce platform as a service to chemical producers and distributors. Agilis platform subscribers can also participate in a members-only marketplace and leverage collective buying and selling power while preserving customer relationships cultivated over decades. Agilis counts a rapidly growing set of global producers and leading regional distributors as customers.

About Agilis:

Agilis uses digital technology to solve the chemical industry’s most persistent challenges - high fragmentation, complex value chains, and resulting inefficiencies in sales, marketing, and procurement processes. Agilis streamlines existing business processes, bringing transparency and efficiency without disrupting established relationships. Our mission is to simplify and automate transactions along every step of the value chain for all players – buyers, distributors, and producers. Visit Agilis at

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