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Digital Commerce Portal for customers of a specialty product line aimed at improving customer experience with modern commerce tools

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Commerce portal to target new customers in a niche market segment where traditional marketing channels have given little success

View Brenntag's Portal

Digital sales & marketing channel established for a global business unit to support new customer acquisition and service existing customers

View Wanhua's Portal

Digital sales channel for a Japanese acquisition to help with the global expansion of its specialty additive product lines with diverse applications

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Hear why industry leaders trust Agilis to launch their digital commerce channels


“Our customers have embraced the digital commerce portal that we launched on the Agilis platform. Within a year, we have seen significant growth in sales, an increase in repeat orders, and a substantial improvement in sales efficiency – thanks to the self-service features of the Agilis portal.“

 Marius Vaarkamp

Business Director, BASF Corporation


"We launched our digital commerce portal with multi-language capabilities in just 8 weeks! The Agilis platform is truly designed and built for the chemical industry, and we needed very little customization to launch our portal. The user experience is really elegant, with intuitive tabs and workflows."

Manuel Hadj-Rahmoun

Representative Director & CEO, Westlake Akishima


“We have been working with Agilis for more than three years, and from day one, the Agilis team has given us their full support. From setting up the portal, through the launch, and in our day-to-day operations, the platform is very easy to use and navigate. Our customers like the intuitive product search and the order placement process. And we like the usability of the platform to easily manage the whole order process.”

Adam Diamond

Partner and Sales Representative, Astro Chemicals


“Using the Agilis platform, our customers can research our products and review their applications and specs – all from the convenience of their own desks. The speed and quality of the Agilis team to get the portal up and running is amazing and we are happy with the number and quality of leads that are coming in.”

Mike Humby

Vice President Polymer Modifiers, Valtris


“Using the Agilis platform makes it easier for our customers from around the globe to learn about our brand, extensive TPU portfolio, find the products they need, and instantly connect with our sales teams. The Agilis helped us to set up the new portal in less than eight weeks with minimal distraction from our business. The increased visibility of our brand and portfolio through SEO-optimized product profiles helps with the continued global expansion of our business and finding new leads early in the qualification process.”

 Dr. Tao Yu

Technical Director, Wanhua Chemical (America)


"I was introduced to Agilis as a single buying platform for procurement of raw materials used in our manufacturing operations. With Agilis platform, I have been the beneficiary of efficiency in ordering materials, faster response times to my requests from the suppliers, and over 10% savings on some key materials. Agilis is the future, and I highly recommend it."

David Fine

Owner, FMI Paint and Chemical


“With the Agilis portal, we can reach more customers and the structured approach of the Agilis team helped us to get the new portal up and running with a great design and up-to-date product information - a major step forward compared to our old solution. The new portal helps us to fulfill our mission of not just selling quality chemicals but also partnering with our customers’ facility management staff to help them solve maintenance problems with “greener” solutions.

Mary Bruce

Founder and CEO, The Green Chemical Store 


"Agilis has been an absolute game-changer in helping us bring our products to the masses with our brand-new online commerce portal. In just five weeks, the team at Agilis launched a slick, state-of-the-art platform that seamlessly integrates with our existing website, delivering an unrivaled customer experience that keeps them coming back for more. 

We're thrilled to have Agilis as our trusted partner on our digital growth journey. With their support, we're poised to take the rubber industry by storm and bring our sustainable products to even more satisfied customers."

maria heller

CEO, Valex Group


“Customer expectations of the industrial chemical space and the larger chemical industry have been changing. We chose Agilis Commerce as our partner in our efforts to improve and digitize our customer engagement process. Agilis makes it possible for us to engage with our customers in real-time and create a frictionless experience for them in finding and buying our products. We’re seeing rapid customer adoption and new leads flowing in.”

Catherine Lee

CEO, Valex Group


Create a superior experience for your customers and partners

Digital tools for every part of the customer journey

Search & Select

Explore Options &
Initiate Transactions

Negotiate Prices &
Place Orders

Track & Receive

Reorder with one click &
Receive Support

Search & Select Products

Your customers are looking for a modern, digital buying experience 
Find and engage customers early in their buying journey
Tools for Marketing Teams

Explore Options &
Initiate Transactions

Make it easy for customers to do business with you
Offer them speed, security and convenience of digital buying—without disrupting existing supply chains and partners
Tools for Sales Teams

Negotiate Prices & Place Orders

Add agility and transparency to the buying experience
Implement digital channels without disrupting existing processes
Tools for Sales Teams

Track & receive orders

Let technology help with routine tasks
Free up your sales and marketing teams to focus on strategic initiatives
Tools for Customer Services Teams

Reorder with one click,
Receive Support

Build deeper connections with your customers
Simplify reordering and provide ongoing customer support
Tools for Customer Services Teams
Dashboards & Analytics

Track your entire business in real time, in just a few clicks

Reach new markets and grow repeat sales with the power of analytics
Tools for Management Teams

Agilis delivers a streamlined, convenient, and secure digital buying experience for the chemical industry


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