What is SEO, and why does it matter for chemical suppliers?

Leverage your product information to improve SEO and drive higher customer traffic 
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February 15th, 2022
Online Webinar

Learn what search engine optimization means for chemical suppliers.

Building a website for your business is imperative, but a website by itself is no longer enough. Attend this webinar to learn how to make the products you sell easy to find from a Google search and answer questions such as:

• What is (SEO) search engine optimization?

• How do search engines evaluate your website?

• What does SEO mean for chemical suppliers?

• What is the importance of PIM and SEO and how do these two systems work together to improve customer search results increasing traffic to your website?

• What are other best practices for chemical suppliers to increase traffic?

Join us on February 15th, as we discuss how the following Agilis modules will help you scale your online presence:

Product Information Management System
SEO, Meta Content Management
Inbound Leads Management
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Derek Morgen
Digital Marketing Specialist
Dave Grimes
VP of Sales

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